Buy and Sell Confidently with Our Listing Verification Process

The RV Dealer to Dealer Network offers you a secure, members-only network in which to buy, sell and trade with other legitimate dealers. Listings are routinely checked to make sure sold and unavailable inventory is monitored and quickly removed by our dealers. Our platform even allows us to regularly check inventory accuracy. It’s the most up-to-date RV Backlot network in existence.

How We Protect Our Members

In addition to routine inventory checks, The Dealer to Dealer Network also verifies RV dealer licenses to ensure that you are a part of a professional online marketplace. We personally validate the RV dealer business license for all new applicants.

Why We Protect Our Members

With over 30 years of industry experience, we understand the challenges of this business. When you log in to your member profile and search for RV listings, we want you to feel secure in knowing you’re browsing the most up-to-date RV listing available. We want you to browse, buy and sell with confidence on our network.

You Expect Security and We Deliver

The RV Dealer to Dealer Network was designed as a secure marketplace exclusively for serious buyers and sellers. We appreciate honest, straightforward business practices, and we know you expect the same. Only licensed dealers in good standing will be permitted to gain membership to this resource.

To learn more about our RV listing or dealer license verification process, please contact our team directly.

How the RV Dealer to Dealer Network Works
We routinely check inventory accuracy to give you the most reliable marketplace to buy and sell RVs