About the RV Dealer to Dealer Network Team

The team at RV Dealer to Dealer Network features 30 years of experience in the RV, automobile, and motorcycle business. Our business founder, Tim Paskins, developed this resource in response to a major gap that he saw in the industry. He listened to RV and motorcycle dealers as he traveled in his insurance marketing position, and responded by creating the RV Dealer to Dealer Network. This site is for dealers, serving dealerships’ wholesale buying and selling needs. Contact Tim, our founder, at timpaskins@gmail.com, or call him at 727-967-2867 to learn more.

We’ve Got Your BACK Lot!

Before the RV Dealer to Dealer Network, RV dealers with Backlot inventory were limited to a few local contacts who might buy their trade-in units. It is too time consuming and tedious to call around every day. Time is money. RV Dealer to Dealer Network puts ‘Quick, Easy, & Profitable’ within reach of your computer or smartphone. RV Dealer to Dealer Network pulls together an impossibly large network into one convenient, easy, and inexpensive place. And dealers don't even have to leave their own lot to make those connections happen. eAlerts bring the connections to the dealer! We've Got Your Back!

RV Dealer to Dealer Network
You’re backed by over 30 years of industry experience and many memberships guaranteeing service quality and honesty

You’re Backed by RV Marketing and Insurance Professionals

Our team’s RV marketing and insurance experience helped us develop this one-of-a-kind resource designed just for licensed RV dealers. Tim, the owner of RV Dealer to Dealer Network, has held positions in sales, management, finance management, insurance and warranty marketing. He is a licensed insurance agent, having held licenses in all 50 states. He also received special assignments on national committees, such as the Protective XtraRide Warranty Council, a division of the nation’s oldest independent service plan administrator. Tim and his team are here to provide excellence in dealership networking services for buying and selling your Backlot units.

RV Dealer to Dealer Network Industry Memberships

We are associated with and hold many valuable industry memberships:

  • Florida RV Trade Association (FRVTA) Membership
  • Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) Membership
  • The National RV Dealers Association (RVDA) Membership
  • Good Sam Club Membership

The Only Online RV Dealer to Dealer Network Tailored to Your Needs

Our decades of insurance, RV industry and dealership experience allowed us to develop an online dealer to dealer network tailored to meet your needs as a RV dealer. Your Backlot inventory is CASH. We offer a network of dealers interested in buying and selling that Backlot inventory. We also provide resources to not just stay alive, but to thrive in all economies. From transportation concerns to parts and service to connecting you with insurance agents and financing sources, we are here to help you keep your business active and profitable. Our online RV Dealer to Dealer Network resources give you convenient, single-point access to all of the RV tools you need to drive up your dealership’s profitability.

Quickly and easily connect with dealers across the country in seconds. Sign up for your membership today and start browsing all of the great Backlot units and eager buyers looking for your Backlot inventory!